Antique Bisque Head Dolls For Sale

The following are the vintage and antique bisque head dolls we have for sale. We try to feature the best German and French bisque head dolls from the collections we have access to,  I hope the doll you are looking for is among the ones below.   Please click the details of the doll for more information or to purchase it.


Kestner 171

Kestner 171 bisque head doll made in Germany in the early 1900's.

See Kestner 171 Details


Kammer Reinhardt 121 Character Baby

Character faced bisque baby doll by Kammer Reinhardt made in Germany.
See Kammer Reinhardt 121 Details


Kammer Reinhardt Simon Halbig Scottish boy

bisque head doll made in Germany by Kammer Reinhardt in the early 1900's. The head was fired by Simon Halbig.

See Scottish boy Details


Kestner 168

Kestner 168 bisque head doll. The doll was made in Germany around 1900.

See Kestner 168 Details


DEP Jumeau Doll

French DEP Jumeau doll from the late 1880's made using Simon Halbig head.
See DEP Jumeau Details


Franz Schmidt Wedding Dolls

Franz Schmidt 293 bisque head dolls dressed in origina wedding costumes.
See 293 Wedding Dolls Details


Sonnenberg Belton

Bisque head Belton doll maker unknown.
See Sonnenberg Belton Details


Kestner 164

Kestner 164 character face mold with alphabet marks.

See Kestner 164 Details


Simon Halbig 530 Bisque Head Boy

Bisque head boy German boy by Simon & Halbig early 1900's.

See Simon Halbig 530 Details


S & H 1160 doll house doll

German Simon Halbig 1160 bisque head doll house doll.  She is all original.
See S & H 1160 Details


Kammer Reinhardt 126 Baby

Character face baby mold number 126 made in Germany in the early 1900's
See K*R 126 Details


Heubach Koppelsdorf 320 Doll

320 Baby made in Germany by Heubach Koppelsdorf in the early 1900's.
See Heubach 320 Details


Heubach 10532 baby Doll

German Bisque baby doll made by Ernst Heubach and is their 10535 mold.
See Heubach 10532 baby Details


Armand Marseille 500 Doll

Bsque head boy character doll made in Germany by Armand Marseille 500 mold.
See Armand Marseille 500 Details


Simon Halbig 1249 Santa

Bisque head character faced German doll by Simon Halbig 1249 Santa mold.
See Simon Halbig 1249 Details


Painted eye all bisque doll

The doll has a fixed head on 5 piece wired body with painted shoes and socks.

See Simon Halbig 720 Details


ABG 1362 Sweet Nell

bisque head German doll by Alt, Beck & Gottschalk mold 1362 "Sweet Nell".

See ABG 1362 Sweet Nell Details


Schoenau Hoffmeister doll

Bisque head doll made in Germany by Schoenau & Hoffmeister starting in 1906.

See Schoenau Hoffmeister Details


Hertel Schwab 152 baby

Character baby by Hertel Schwab & Co in the 1920's. It is their model 152 that was made exclusively for Louis Wolf & Co.

See Hertel Schwab 152 Details


German All Bisque baby

This is a cute all bisque baby doll made in Germany. The doll has wire jointed shoulders and one piece head, torso and legs.

See All Bisque baby Details


All Bisque baby doll

Cute all bisque baby doll made in Germany. The doll is just 3 1/4 inches tall and is wearing a new crocheted dress and bonnet.

See All Bisque baby Details


Konig Wernicke 99

Here is a great antique bisque head baby made in Germany by Konig Wernicke.

See Konig Wernicke 99 Details


Yamamoto Importing Company Baby

Here is an interesting example of a vintage bisque head baby doll made in Japan for the US market. In the early 1900's

See Yamamoto Baby Details

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Shipping charge includes packaging, insurance and tracking information.  We pack all dolls to insure they arrive safely.  Bisque dolls are usually double boxed to insure they arrive safely so do not be surprised when a large box arrives.  Dolls over $500 require a  signature when delivered. We sell and ship only to the continental US (no Alaska and Hawaii).  We often ship UPS and as such the items need to be to be shipped to an address (no P.O. boxes).