Online Antique and Vintage Doll Appraisals

I offer an online doll appraisal service for people who do not have access to my shops See Map to Shops. For an online antique or vintage doll appraisal you will be asked to submit information and pictures of your doll.  Based on this input I will generate an appraisal report of the doll documenting its current value.  Please note that this will be a "qualified" appraisal based on information I gather from your description and your pictures of the doll.  There are many condition issues with antique and vintage that may or may not be identified in an online doll appraisal.  These issues can significantly affect the true value of the doll.  For example if I state in the appraisal that a bisque head has no hairline cracks the appraisal the value will be based on this statement.  If it is determined that the doll head actually has a hairline the true value of the doll will be less than my "qualified" online appraised value.  At present I am not a certified appraiser for insurance claims work.

Note: This appraisal is to give you information about the current value of your doll.  The appraisal form is not used if you want me to estimate the cost to repair a doll. For repair estimates please email me the details of the repair work and attach some pictures of the doll to the email.  Based on this we can better discuss the cost and the details of the repair to be performed. 

Online Appraisal Charges $25.00 (per doll)

The online appraisal will provide a complete antique and vintage doll appraisal document including the following:

  • A detailed description of the antique or vintage doll being appraised (with picture).  
  • Identification points for the doll documenting the marks and features that were used to identify the doll. 
  • Appraisal values with Fair Market Value and Replacement Costs
  • Full identification of the doll including manufacturer, date of production and where the doll was made. 
  • Details of the condition of the doll and how any condition issues affected the appraised value of the doll.
  • Care and storage recommendations for the doll. 

The online appraisal is delivered by Email as a PDF file that you can print as needed.  You can also save the file for future reference.  If you would like me to mail you a printed copy of the appraisal there is a $5.00 extra charge. 

Online Appraisal Process

To do an online doll appraisal you will need to be able to take digital pictures see digital picture tips and attach them to the online appraisal form.  In addition you will need to be able to send and receive Emails with requests for information and to receive the appraisal results.  If you want an online appraisal you can click the button below to start the process.  This will open a new window where you  will need to fill out a form about the doll to be appraised.  I will evaluate the form and send you an Email confirming the request and possibly requesting any additional information to complete the appraisal. 

Photos for Online Appraisal

To be able to do a good online appraisal of your antique or vintage doll I will need you to take and send me several photos of you doll.  I have compiled some tips to help you take good photos for the appraisal.  see digital picture tips

Paying for Online Appraisal

I use Pay Pal for online payment of appraisal fees.  When I have enough information to start the online appraisal I will send you an invoice for the appraisal fee.  If you are Pay Pal user you can pay the invoice directly through your Pay Pal account. If you are not a Pay Pal user the invoice email will direct you to a Pay Pal page where you can pay using a credit card or E-check. I will Email you the completed appraisal when it is finished and you have paid the Pay Pal invoice.  If you do not want to pay online I can also accept checks through the mail. 

Online Appraisal schedule

My goal is to get an appraisal of your antique or vintage doll back to you within 72 hours of you providing the complete information about the doll to be appraised.  That is to say after you send me the last piece of data I need for the online appraisal,  not when you submit the initial appraisal request form.  While I often beat this schedule there are times where I cannot because of shows or other commitments. If I am going to have problems meeting the appraisal schedule I will advise you in advance of the expected completion date for the online appraisal. 

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