Examples of repairs I have done

Below are some examples of repairs I have performed for customers.  These are intended to give you an idea of the types of work I can perform.  They will also give you an idea of the extent of repairs that are possible.  I have had many people come to me with dolls that they thought we beyond hope and been presently surprised when I said the doll can easily be restored to useable condition.


Click to details of repair Shirley Temple Doll Repair

As you can see Shirley Temple is definitely in need of some rejuvenation.  The doll was in surprisingly good shape.  The dress was very dirty and the hair needed cleaning and setting. I cleaned the dress, set the hair and added a few ribbons and bows. 

see details of this transformation

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Composition Baby Dimples

This is a composition Baby Dimples I worked on.  The head hands and feet had a lot of damage.  The hands and feet had missing toes and fingers.  A portion of the head damage can be seen in the animation to the left.

see details of the doll restoration