Vintage Hard Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

Here is a list of the vintage Hard Plastic and early Vinyl Dolls we have. These dolls appeal to many who want to have the doll they or their Mother's had when they were young. Please click on the details of a doll for more information or to purchasing it.  Remember dolls like Shirley Temple, and the early Madame Alexander's were made in both compo and plastic.  If you don't see the doll you want be sure to check the composition section.

Queen Elizabeth

Margaret faced Queen Elizabeth by Madame Alexander # 2025 made in 1953.
See Queen Elizabeth Details


Ideal Toni hard plastic P-90

Classic example of a blond Ideal Toni doll. She is hard plastic and is marked P90.
See Ideal Toni Details


NASB Groom #88

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll (NASB) Groom #88 Doll

See NASB Groom #88 Details


NASB Bridesmaid #87

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll (NASB) Bridesmaid #87 Doll

See NASB Bridesmaid #87 Details


NASB Bride #86

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll (NASB) Bride #86 Doll

See NASB Bride #86 Details


NASB Wednesdays Child #182

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll (NASB) Wednesdays Child #182

See Wednesdays Child Details

 Star Light Star Bright

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll (NASB) Star Light Star Bright #173 Doll

See Star Light Star Bright Details


Three Little Pigs

Madame Alexander Three Little Pigs Vinyl Dolls MIB

See Three Little Pigs Details


Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple 1950's ST-12 Vinyl Doll

See Shirley Temple Details


Margaret Ballerina

Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Margaret Ballerina Doll From 1950's

See Margaret Ballerina Details


Alice In Wonderland

Alexander 14" Hard Plastic Maggie Faced Alice In Wonderland

See Alice In Wonderland Details


Shirley Temple

Ideal Shirley Temple ST-17 Doll With Flirty Eyes From 50's

See Shirley Temple Details


Arranbee Bride

Vintage 1950's Arranbee ( R & B) Hard Plastic Bride Doll

See Arranbee Bride Details


Sweet Sue

Sweet Sue Walker Doll by American Character 1950's

See Sweet Sue Details


Polly Pigtails

Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Maggie Faced Polly Pigtails

See Polly Pigtails Details


Maggie Walker

Madame Alexander 1950's Hard Plastic Maggie Walker

See Maggie Walker Details


Alexander Maggie

Madame Alexander Maggie Doll Plaid Skirt From 1970's

See Alexander Maggie Details


Queen Of Diamonds

Ideal Miss Revlon Doll Queen Of Diamonds Doll from 1950's

See Miss Revlon Details


Sweet Sue Walker

American Character Sweet Sue Walker Doll In Mardi Gras Dress 1950's

See Sweet Sue Walker Details


Alexander Kins Garden Party

Madame Alexander Kins Garden Party doll #488 from 1950's

See Garden Party Details


Effanbee Honey

Effanbee Strung (Non-Walker) Hard Plastic Honey Doll From Early 1950's

See Effanbee Honey Details


Toni P91

Ideal Toni Hard Plastic Brunet P91 Doll (1949) in Bolero Dress

See Toni P91 Details


Sweet Sue Walker

American Character Sweet Sue Walker 50's Doll

See Sweet Sue Walker Details


Alexander Kins Swiss

Madame Alexander International Wendy Face Alexander Kins Swiss Doll

See Alexander Kins Swiss Details


Saucy Walker

Hard Plastic Saucy Walker Doll by Ideal from 1950's

See Saucy Walker Details


Scarlet O'Hara

Madam Alexander Scarlet O'Hara BKW Walker Alexander Kins

See Scarlet O'Hara Details

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My shipping charge includes packaging, insurance and tracking information.  I pack all dolls to insure they arrive safely.  Bisque dolls are usually double boxed to insure they arrive safely so do not be surprised when a large box arrives.  Dolls over $500 require a  signature when delivered. I sell and ship only to the continental US (no Alaska and Hawaii).  I often ship UPS and as such the items need to be to be shipped to an address (no P.O. boxes).