Antique and Vintage Dolls For Sale

Below are the vintage and antique dolls and toys we have available for sale.  Please click on the details of the doll if you are interested in purchasing the doll.  We try to maintain a stock of old antique and vintage bisque headed French and German dolls along with the best of American doll manufacturers. We usually have some wonderful old vintage compositions and hard plastic dolls and I also feature old antique and vintage toys and bears when I can find them. 

The inventory of dolls has grown so large my husband created separate pages focusing on certain types of dolls.  Listed below are the miscellaneous dolls and toys that did not fit on the specialized pages.  On this page we have some real unique gems. Be sure to checkout everything on this page and the other pages. 

Bisque Head Dolls

I have a selection of German and French bisque head and all bisque dolls.  To the right is a small sample of what I have.  See Bisque Head Dolls


China & Parian Heads

I have a selection of china and parian head dolls from the best German and American makers.  To the right is a small sample. See China and Parian Head Dolls


Composition Dolls For Sale

I have a selection of Composition dolls.  They cover the range from Baby dolls to Shirley Temple and early fashion dolls.  To the right is just a sample. See Composition Dolls


Hard Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

I have a selection of Hard Plastic and early Vinyl dolls up to the 1960's including Cissy and early Alexander's,  To the right is just a sample. See Hard Plastic and Vinyl Dolls

$985.00 USD

English Slit Head Wax Doll

English slit head wax doll which were made from the 1820's to the late 1850's. The head and shoulder plate is Paper Mache coated with wax. There is a slit in the top of the head where the wig is inserted.  See Waxhead Doll Details

$500.00 USD

Schoenhut 100 Series doll

Antique Schoenhut wooden doll. She is 14 inches tall and is an early 100 series doll probably a Schoenhut model 109W or 110W. She has the typical Schoenhut pouty face See Schoenhut doll Details

$550.00 USD

Schoenhut Wooden Walker Doll

Classic Schoenhut wooden doll. He is 18 inches tall and is an the less often seen wooden walker body. The wooden walker body features one piece arms and legs with a swing leg walker mechanism similar to that seen on some bisque dolls See Schoenhut Doll Details

$199.00 USD

Japanese Tin Litho Bozo Clown

Japanese Wind-up Tin Litho toy from the 1950's by Alps. Bozo is 3.5 x 3.5 x 8" tall and is made from lithographed tin with a windup mechanism with a built-in key.See Bozo Tin Toy Details

$400.00 USD

Steiff Original Teddy Bear

Vintage Original Steiff Teddy Bear was made in Germany from the late 1950's to early 1960's.  He is 8 1/2 inches tall with his original chest tag, ear tag and classic Steiff button in his ear See Original Steiff Teddy Bear Details

$1,200.00 USD

Antique American Teddy Bear

Antique Teddy Bear made in America from 1904 to 1910.  He is in amazing condition for his age.See American Teddy Bear Details

$300.00 USD

Richard Krueger cloth Doll

This is a beautiful example of a tagged  Richard Krueger cloth doll from the 30's. She is in never played with condition. See Richard Krueger Cloth Doll Details


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My shipping charge includes packaging, insurance and tracking information.  I pack all dolls to insure they arrive safely.  Bisque dolls are usually double boxed to insure they arrive safely so do not be surprised when a large box arrives.  Dolls over $500 require a  signature when delivered. I sell and ship only to the continental US (no Alaska and Hawaii).  I often ship by UPS and as such the items need to be to be shipped to an address (no P.O. boxes).