Kammer Reinhardt Simon Halbig 126 Baby

Kammer Reinhardt Simon Halbig 126 Baby Rosy cheeks ready to love Well made onsie under the outfit.  Body is in great shape Sleep eyes and a trebble tongue

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Description of Baby Doll for Sale

I am pleased to present  a cute German bisque head character face baby doll.  He is a mold number 126 and is 14 inches tall and was made in Germany about the early 1900's.  He was made  and sold by Kammer Reinhardt using heads made for them by Simon Halbig.  The head was designed by Kammer Reinhardt and Simon Halbig just molded and fired it. In this time period many Kammer Reinhardt dolls were made with heads they contracted from Simon Halbig and other manufacturers resulting in the dual markings.  This doll is on a 5 piece bent leg composition baby.  He has gorgeous blue-gray glass sleep eyes and a treble tongue.

The doll has his original mohair wig and a wonderful outfit. The wig is a little thin on the top but displays well with the cap.  The outfit consists of a cute set of shorts with a bib and suspenders.  Under this is a long sleeve shirt and under that is a onesie. The outfit is topped out with a matching beanie cap. The outfit is antique and most likely is factory original.  In any case the outfit was definitely made for this doll.  I had quite a job undoing all the buttons on the outfit and redoing them for the photos.  There are a total of 13 buttons to be undone.  Great for an inanimate baby doll but I wouldn't want this outfit on a real baby that needs multiple diaper changes a day. 



Simon Halbig



The doll is marked Kammer Reinhardt which made and sold the doll with the Simon & Halbig name showing that they made the head for this doll.  This shows the relationships many German doll makers had with their competitors.  A few years after this doll was made Kammer Reinhardt  bought Simon & Halbig.

Condition of Doll for Sale

The bisque head is perfect with no chips, cracks or repairs. The composition body is sound and has it's original paint. There is some cracking of the paint finish on the right elbow.  There is also some cracking of the plaster fill material around the head socket.  The fingers and toes are in good shape with some paint wear and soiling.  There is a tiny chip off of the tip of the left pinkie  (see pictures) You can click the pictures to see close-ups of the condition.

The clothes are in perfect condition with no fraying, rips or repairs.  The eye lit wax on the sleep eyes is intact but has yellowed some as they often do and is not a perfect match to the face color. 

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