Above is a Shirley Temple doll I restored for another customer.  When I got her she was very dirty and her hair was a mess.  See details

Welcome to Dollfixer.com

I am a doll collector and along with my husband I have chosen to share my skills and expertise with others that share my passion for Antique and Vintage dolls.  I provide Doll Repair, Doll Stringing, doll costume repair / restoration and can create new doll costumes and dresses.  See Doll Repairs

We also provide Doll Appraisals online and in person.  See Doll Appraisals See Online Appraisals

We can also help you sell your Vintage and Antique dolls.  We sell your dolls on commission in our display cases in antique shops in the Modesto CA. area, through our web sales portal and at doll shows all over Northern California and the San Francisco Bay area. Please note that in most cases we do not purchase dolls direct.  We just sell them on consignment Help selling your dolls

Note: that the dolls you see throughout my site are some of the more interesting ones I have encountered selling dolls or are projects I have worked on for customers.

We are located in Northern California near Modesto  CA. (see map).  We have contacts and have been repairing dolls in the Central Valley area including Stockton, Fresno, Salida, San Francisco Bay area, Oakdale, Merced, Turlock, Los Banos and Sacramento.

Antique Warehouse in Salida

Main Street Antiques in Turlock

see interactive map

The boy above is a reproduction Jumeau.  I created the outfit for a customer using antique material I acquired on E-bay.  The seller of the material said that the material was leftovers from the antique material used for costumes in Oprah Winfrey's movie The Color Purple.  I have watched the movie several times and in the scene where Oprah runs through a field she is wearing a skirt made from this same material. 

What's new at Dollfixer.com

Note on Repair Schedules

I am totally backlogged with repair projects.  I am also planning on having back surgery.  At this time I cannot take on any more repair projects until I see the schedule for the surgery and get an idea how long the recovery will take. It may be May or June before I will have an idea when I can take on other repair projects.

Details on our Shops

My husband (the techie) has taken some new photos and has updated the shops page of the web site with more details of the types of dolls and accessories we feature in the various shops where we sell dolls.  If you are in the Modesto area I hope you will visit all my shops but if you can only get to one you will now be able to know which shop suits your doll collecting specialty.  see shops

Online Appraisals

We offer online appraisals for people who cannot get to our shops.   See online appraisals

Doll Sales on the Web

Everyone is always asking me why don't you sell dolls on the web.  Well now we have the answer you have all been waiting to hear.  We have started to sell a selection of vintage and antique dolls from the web site. My husband (The web master) has started the listing processes and will be posting more dolls for sale on the web as fast as he can take the photos and enter the listing text.  See web listings We have always been hesitant to sell on the web because it takes a lot of effort to do it right.  We have tried to be sure the listings have the information you need to appreciate the doll and be sure you are comfortable and confident about the doll when you decide to purchase. 

New Van

For those of you who may have been looking for me at the shows and were missing the doll fixer mobile I wanted to let you know I have a new van for the show transport.  My Volvo was nice and has a lot of room but it was not quite big enough for the shows,  To get everything we needed we had to pack stuff on the roof and pack every square inch in the back.  For bigger shows we had to pull the trailer which was a pain.  I now have a very nice Ford Transit Connect Van which can take all the show merchandise with ease.  No more trailer Yeah. I was able to get the van in a nice silver color instead of the oh so common white.