Original Number One Barbie Doll

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Description of Doll for Sale

For your enjoyment I am pleased to present an vintage #1 Barbie by Mattel.  Barbie is a true number one doll with the holes in her feet.  Barbie has a few issues but is in great shape for being a vintage (56 year old) doll.  Barbie has a nice even flesh tone much better that many of the number one dolls that have turned deathly white or yellow.  Barbie's body has a slight red color transfer from the red dress she came in when I got her.  Her feet have also been discolored from the shoes she was wearing. 

Her hair is all original with no missing plugs and has not been combed out.  The ponytail is braided with a new tie at the end. The braiding is consistent with known original factory braiding.  There are confirmed reports of factory braids on #3 and #4 dolls based on still having the original lower band.  I have not heard of any confirmed factory braids on a #1 so it is probable this was re-braided when the factory lower band broke.  The bangs are in great shape with no missing plugs or replacement hair.

Barbie has her original gold number one hoop earrings with no green ear.  Her fingernails and toenails are all original with no touch-up or repainting.  There are some chips to the fingernail polish mainly on the left hand.  The lip painting looks to me to be original.  I have has some people (who were hoping to buy her) comment that they see color variations in the lip painting.  Again they look original to me but this the only number one Barbie I have seen in person.  The eyes have signs of repainting (see close up in slide show).  The whites of the right eye have some paint build up and color swirls in the white. The inside tip of the eye liner on the left eye seems to be chipped off leaving the blue eyeliner (which looks original) hanging out past the eye liner.  The lower eye liner of both eyes looks a little thick and is uneven. The outline of the pupil looks irregular. 

Barbie's hip joints were a little stiff when I got her.  After a little exercise all of Barbie's joints now work smoothly.  The tubes in the feet are missing.  They probably stuck to the stand as often happens with the #1 Barbie and the original owner threw them away with the original stand.  Serious Barbie collectors cringe when they think of this but it probably happened more times than we like to think about. 

Barbie comes with an original zebra stripe bathing suit.  The suit is a little dirty and has a red stain and some rips.  Barbie also has a rare "Best Bow" dress that was a variant of the "#1651 Beau Time" outfit. This is the variant with the bodice in red textured fabric and the skirt in a floral print from the equally rare "On The Go" sheath dress.  The dress is clean with no fading or yellowing and has a soothly working zipper.  She also has a pair of untagged panties.  Barbie has one original number one shoe with the hole.  It has a piece of tape around the strap that may have been added to help keep the shoe on her foot.  The other shoe is a replacement with no hole and was not made by Mattel. 

Head Mark

Barbie ™

Pats Pend






body mark

Barbie ®


The body has the early Mattel Pats Pend mark as shown:  The additional dress is tagged with the early Mattel Barbie tag from 1967. 

Condition of Doll for Sale

See the description above for additional condition issues.  The feet have been stained by contact from the shoes.  Most of this is covered when Barbie wears her shoes.  (see pictures) You can click the pictures to see close-ups of the condition. The original bathing suit has a red spot and some pulls in the fabric. 

damage2 damage1


damage4 damage3

The hip joints are tight but were a little stiff when I got her but they are working smoothly now. There is also the typical factory molding irregularities seen on the hips of the early Barbies.

This is an antique doll that will have some wear and imperfections expected in an antique or vintage doll.  I make every effort to describe all significant flaws in my descriptions and show them in the pictures.  Please read the description fully and examine all the pictures to be sure you understand the condition of the doll.  The pictures can be enlarged to show the doll in great detail.  If you have any questions or would like any additional information on this doll please email me and I will be glad to answer your question.  California residents are responsible for California Sales tax in addition to the purchase price shown.

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