Simon Halbig 1129 Oriental Doll

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Description of Doll for Sale

For your pleasure I would like to present an amazing example of an oriental doll made in Germany by Simon & Halbig.  She is 14 inches tall and is the 1129 mold and was made in Germany in 1893.  Two or three years latter Simon & Halbig re-issues this mold.  The re-issue had a 9 stamped over the 2 in the design masters resulting in the re-issue being referred to as the 1199.  She has glass sleep eyes with applied lashes.  This doll has her original antique oriental clothing, shoes and wig. 

The Simon & Halbig 1129 / 1199 is part of the craze for oriental dolls in the late 1900's.  Most doll makers had an oriental doll but many were Caucasian faces with the eyes reworked after the head was molded.  This Simon & Halbig 1129 / 1199 mold was designed as an oriental with extremely angeled eyes with molded eye lids.  While some may consider the eyes as a Victorian stereotype of oriental beauty they reflect the views of the era when the doll was made and not the views of most today. 

She is wearing her original antique oriental silk dress, wig and shoes.  The antique silk fabric of the robe and embroidered decorations is sound with no signs of degradation.  The red silk lining on the robe is also sound.  The antique flowers at her waist and in her hair are original and may have yellowed some,  It is hard to tell if they were originally pure white or more of an ivory color.  Her ears are pierced and I have added an orange bead drop ear rings.  The red silk obi sash has started to deteriorate. The material is frail and is starting to shatter.  The ends in the back are very frayed.

When I got the doll the stringing for the head was loose.  Restringing the 1129 / 1199 is always an issue because the oriental cloths are sewn on.  When I removed the lower part of the dress, as expected, I saw the legs were in their original finish and had no paint wear.  To my surprise the legs were 100% carved wood instead of the expected composition.  I have never seen this type of body on a Simon & Halbig doll. It makes her a special doll even if no one will ever see the legs until the next time she needs to be strung. 

Head Mark



Simon & Halbig

S & H


The head is marked as shown:  The head has the earlier 1129 mark before it was modified by Simon Halbig to make the more often seen 1199 mold. 

Condition of Doll for Sale

The bisque head is perfect with no chips, cracks, rubs or repaint.  The wax on the eyes is intact and not discolored.  The eye lashes are worn and have faded some.  They were likely originally dark brown or black.  This seems to be a common problem with the 1129.  The vast majority of dolls I have seen either never had lashes or have lost them.  The ones that do still have the antique lashes seem to have faded like this example.    The majority of the body has its original finish with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs. The hands did have some paint wear and paint chipping.  I have touched up the damaged areas while trying to retain as much original finish as I could. 

This is an antique doll that will have some wear and imperfections expected in an antique or vintage doll.  I make every effort to describe all significant flaws in my descriptions and show them in the pictures.  Please read the description fully and examine all the pictures to be sure you understand the condition of the doll.  The pictures can be enlarged to show the doll in great detail.  If you have any questions or would like any additional information on this doll please email me and I will be glad to answer your question.  California residents are responsible for California Sales tax in addition to the purchase price shown.

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