Second Series Premiere Jumeau Doll

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Description of Doll for Sale

I am thrilled to present a stunning example of an antique second series Premiere Jumeau Bebe doll.  The doll is 16 inches tall and was made in France by Jumeau.  Jumeau made this Premier Bebe between 1878 when the mark on the body was first used up to about 1880 The head does not have the typical Jumeau spring attachment.  Jumeau didn't get a French patent and start using the spring mechanism till the early 1880's confirming the early date on this doll. The Portrait and Premier Bebe was discontinued in 1883/1884.

Around 1877 Jumeau made their first Bebe doll which they named Bebe Incassable.  There were two versions of this doll called Premier and Portrait.  The two versions shared the same head mold, body and paperweight eyes.  The portrait version was the deluxe model featuring more detailed face painting with eye liner and eye shadow and more finely painted lips and eyebrows. The portrait versions also had much higher quality clothing and shoes.  Many portrait versions used finer bisque to mold the head.  This doll which is the Premiere version lacks some of the eye detail but in all other aspects has all the quality and attention detail you expect in early Jumeau's.  The bisque is of fine quality and the eye cuts and finishing are of the highest quality.

Many of the Premiere and Portrait dolls have the so called wrap around or extreme almond eye cutouts.  The wrap around  eyes are a function of how the eye opening is cut and prepared after the head is molded. If the eye opening is cut narrow and extended and an eye with a smaller pupil is used you get the wrap around affect.  The eyes on this doll were cut a little narrower and a brown eye with a larger pupil was used. The rarer brown eye with the much less visible spirals also gives this Premier Bebe the doe eyed look of a little girl instead the look of an adult featured in the earlier almond eyed Jumeau Poupees.

The Premiere Bebe's head has the desirable separately molded and applied ears.  She is on a loose (unattached) 8 ball jointed composition and wood body with original finish. The body is the first issue type with the wooden upper arms. The doll has the early spiral Jumeau paperweight set glass eyes.  I have restrung the doll and all the joints work smoothly and she holds a pose nicely.

She is wearing an antique replacement German styled christening dress, long slip, long flannel slip, shoes and socks. They are of good quality and were probably put on the doll in the early 1900's. The antique christening gown is 24 inches long from neck to hem.  Under the long slips is another shorter slip made of the finest Egyptian cotton with a mix of hand sewing and early chain stitch machine sewing.  This slip is likely original to the doll.  The hat is definitely antique and is likely another remnant of the original factory outfit. The wig is a mohair replacement probably added the same time as the replacement clothes. There are remnants of the original wig are sticking out especial on the bangs.  The hand tied wig is good quality and is the appropriate style for this doll.

The history on the doll is that it was sent to the US by relatives in France to celebrate the birth of the current owner's grandmother who was born in 1903.  When it was gifted it would have already been over 20 years old so a new dress in the latest style was probably warranted. 

body mark


Medaille d'Or



Head Mark


As is common with the earliest Premier Jumeau dolls the head only has a size mark.  The Portrait and Premiere Bebe heads did not employ the artist tic marks seen on latter Bebe's.  The body has the blue stamp celebrating the gold metal Jumeau won in the 1878 French grand exhibition in Paris.

Condition of Doll for Sale

The bisque head is perfect with no chips, cracks or repairs. One earring hole has a small flake.  When checking the eyes I noticed a small irregularity on the bridge of the nose near the corner of the eye,  This came from the factory like this and doesn't indicate any damage or repair.  (see pictures) You can click the pictures to see close-ups of the condition.

There was some paint wear to few of the fingers.  One finger was cracked and may have been re-glued.  I have filled the crack on this finger and touched up the paint on the worn areas.  I have attempted to retain as much original paint as I could on the hands.  See the pictures in the slide show. 

damage5 damage1

The dress and underwear is in good condition with no fading, foxing or repairs. The shoes and socks are in good condition with minor scuffing on the toes. It looks like the shoes had a patent leather finish which has almost completely flaked off leaving the base leather exposed.  The original hat is in good condition with some shattering of the original silk ribbon.

The body except for the hands has it's original finish with no crazing or cracks.  There is some wear and paint chipping on the edges of the ball joints.  This is cosmetic and does not affect the structure of the joints.

This is an antique doll that will have some wear and imperfections expected in an antique or vintage doll.  I make every effort to describe all significant flaws in my descriptions and show them in the pictures.  Please read the description fully and examine all the pictures to be sure you understand the condition of the doll.  The pictures can be enlarged to show the doll in great detail.  If you have any questions or would like any additional information on this doll please email me and I will be glad to answer your question.  California residents are responsible for California Sales tax in addition to the purchase price shown.

Because the long dress is a latter addition I am offering to sell the doll with or without the long dress.  The default price is for the doll with the long dress and 2 slips.  As an option you can select the base doll with the original hat, original short slip and replacement shoes and socks for a lower price.  Select the clothing option you want before pressing Buy Now

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