Antique Schoenhut 100 Series Wooden doll

Clasic early Schoenhut wooden doll Wearing nice vintage / antique dress and apron Inset eyed and open mouth

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Description of Doll for Sale

This is a beautiful example of an antique Schoenhut wooden doll.  She is 14 inches tall and is an early 100 series doll probably a Schoenhut model 109W or 110W.  She has the typical Schoenhut pouty face.  The early impressed Schoenhut patent mark on her back dates her to the period of 1911 to 1917 at the latest.  She has wonderfully detailed inset eyes which are either glass or celluloid. Documentation on these Schoenhut models usually refer to the dolls as having sleep eyes and metal teeth.  The eyes on this doll are inset into the head but appear to be set and do not ever seem to have been able to sleep.  Also the teeth appear to be either carved and painted or celluloid.  If they are metal they are heavy painted to look like true enamel teeth. 

She has the unique Schoenhut spring jointed wooden body.  The body and head have their original painting.  The head is in near perfect condition with no crazing.  There may be some minor paint touch up on the lips and tongue but other than that the face painting appears to be all original.

She is wearing an antique / vintage dress that could be original to the doll.  It is a well made outfit that is untagged but is typical of the clothes seen on early Schoenhut dolls. 

The outfit consists of a dress and matching bonnet.  Under the dress is a onesie but not typical to Schoenhut.  The shoes are vintage replacements.  The wig is mohair is antique and may be original.  In any case it is typical of the style of Schoenhut wigs.   


The wooden body has the early Schoenhut impressed mark.  I was not able to get a clear photo of the mark.

Condition of Doll for Sale

The Schoenhut wooden body is sound and all the joints work smoothly.  There are no repairs or splits to the wood of the body or head.  There are paint rubs on the body joints typically seen on a Schoenhut body. The hands have minor paint rubs but the feet have more paint wear.  (see pictures) You can click the pictures to see close-ups of the damage.

The material of the dress and bonnet is sound with no rips or repairs. There are some noticeable stains on the back of the bonnet (see back picture in the slide show).  I have not cleaned the clothes.  The dress and bonnet are sound enough for a very gentile cleaning.  Cleaning will help the stains but I would not assume the stains can be completely removed. The onesie has some rips. 

The left eye has what seems to be a crack in the eye material.  The eye is firmly attached and shows no sign the pieces are loose or likely to detach. 

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