Bye-Lo baby doll with Celluloid hands

Classic Bye-lo baby with bright glass eyes Antique dress and bonnet No wear to hair painting Stress cracks on top of head from factory firing Sleep eyes work smoothly Simple flannel diaper and undershirt Classic cloth frog body with a little soiling

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This is a beautiful example of an antique bisque head Bye Lo baby doll with celluloid hands made by Grace S. Putnam. She is on the typical cloth frog body and is about 14 inches long with a head circumference of 13 inches.  The hands are in great shape and are all original. On a vintage Bye-lo dolls the hands are always a problem.  The celluloid is thin and over time becomes brittle.  On this doll broken fingers or shattered hands are a constant issue.  To find a Bye-lo Baby with original hands intact is a rare event.  She was made in the 1920's and has sleep eyes.  As is common with most Bye-Lo's the body has a non working crier.  The Bye-lo is wearing an antique set of clothes that is most likely original to the doll. 

© 1923 by

Grace S. Putnam

Made In Germany


The head is marked as follows: 


The bisque head is in great shape with no chips cracks or repairs.  On the top of the head there is some dirt that has accumulated in the texture of the bisque.  I have checked this with a black light and normal back-lighting and there are no cracks to the bisque.  There is a firing flaw behind the right ear.  It appears that there may have been a bubble in the bisque or a kiln spec on the head when it was fired.  This left a small pit in the bisque.  (see pictures) You can click the pictures to see close-ups of the damage. There are also some noticeable rubs on the left cheek.

Her original cloth frog body is sound with no holes or repairs.  The body is clean with minimal soiling and has a non working crier.  There is no sign of a stamp or marking on the body.  The crier has not rusted or otherwise discolored the body material.  She is wearing an antique bonnet and dress.  They are in great shape with no rips, repairs or holes.  Under this she has a simple flannel undershirt and diaper which are pinned on. 

The molded celluloid hands have no broken fingers or repairs.  As is common with celluloid hands on a Bye-lo the mold seams on the hands did not completely seal.  There are open spaces along the mold lines between some of the fingers.  This is most pronounced between the thumb and first finger of the left hand where you can see some of the stuffing through the open seam.  There are some smaller open seams on the right hands.

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